Scenario Portrait

Understanding each element in its detail loses significance if the «detail» is not contextualized within the scenario it is part of. Like the “interpretation secret» of Las Meninas, grasped only if the picture is observed in its entirety. This is the reason why 2B has developed a specific approach for analysing scenarios of reference – «scenario portraits» – for brands and products

What for
Scenario Portrait is all about creating a strong foundation of knowledge about the category, its consumers and existing brands.
By understanding how people behave and what their experiences with products/brands are, it is possible to look for new opportunities to leverage existing products or develop new ones.

Questions addressed
Who are the brand/category consumers? How are they sorted into clusters by lifestyle, usage & attitudes, media consumption and socio-demographic variables?

How do consumers behave and what are their experiences with a given category?

Which are the opportunities to drive growth and develop the market and the brand (increase penetration= more users, increase consumption = more usage or add value = more benefits )?