Each research is a process finalised to disentangle reality. Different tools mean the opportunity to find out the right key in understanding. The right key in understanding is the most efficient way to provide specific information in consumer oriented marketing perspective.


Dialogue Room

The DR is a tool that lets participants express opinions, feelings, ideas in a linguistic form which consists not only of words, but also images, sounds and links, even to other content



Breakout is a digital platform specifically developed by 2B to improve engagement and quality of discussion in traditional focus groups.


People Journey

Through direct and personal stories told over a period of time it is possible to grasp how consumers connect their values and dreams with their personal choices


Ethno Mobile

Ethno Mobile refers to ethnographic surveys with users and/or buyers of a particular product or a service. With this research format participants use their smartphone to create video and photo material in response to specific tasks required by a moderator.



Lab results are immediate and clear since they are the outcome of a guided dialogue that generates a shared synthesis. They need no further “interpretation” downstream.



Ad hoc detecting tool to grasp consumers instinctive and immediate reactions. It makes possible to accumulate quantitative data as well as to introduce qualitative analysis and give in-depth value to the results.



For all categories and needs, a continuous communication tool between Company and consumers.


…and much more

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