About us

2B combines traditional and innovative approaches with qualitative and quantitative methodologies, to derive – through a systemic approach – in-depth knowledge and deliver comprehensive, insightful, “actionable” results.

What is meant by systemic research approach
Observation of reality from different perspectives: today, reality is as complex and multifaceted as the individual (whose identity is made up by a plethora of real and digital experiences). At 2B, we see this complexity as a wealth of opportunities and observe it through the tools that are from time to time the most appropriate to gauge such complexity and submit it to our clients in the simplest form possible.

Finding the right mix of tools and approaches: specific questions can often be answered through a synergistic use of various methodologies. Over the years, 2B have fine-tuned a comprehensive set of well-established approaches; however, we regard every new project as an opportunity to create the right mix and get the clearest picture possible.

Our skills

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