Dialogue Room

We design different ad hoc platforms for all projects involving a digital conversation with their target and we provide the touchpoint with the tools that are more suitable to each task (dialogue rooms, individual surveys, consumer diary, custom designed projective exercises, etc.). The DR grants simultaneous contact with a much higher number of consumers than what is achievable with traditional qualitative research, thus becoming a particularly effective tool for all those projects where a careful selection of the most suitable course of action is required.

The Dialogue Room is a temporary virtual community.
A group of people  who share a common interest in a product, service or brand and/or have similar usage attitudes and needs. They are solicited by a moderator on various topics in order to communicate and discuss with each other asynchronously in a virtual dialogue room for a limited period of time.

The Dialogue Room is a minimally invasive method: It connects with consumers in their environment, where they live, in places where they consume/use the product or service under survey; It provides respondents with the right amount of freedom, thereby encouraging spontaneous, creative answers; it also allows them much more time to focus on their own needs (everyone writes things down, takes pictures or video from home, with all the necessary time).